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Tuff is common in Armenia, Nature has gifted Armenia with various, unique and high quality stones. One of the country's main resources is a volcanic Tuff. Different type of tuff has a different density and porosity. It used for many buildings, villas and bridges, tuff is for civil construction.

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A rmenian T ravertine M ining C ompany, founded in 2007, is one of the biggest producers of high-quality tiles and decors made of Armenian Travertine and other natural stones, widely applied for both external and internal decoration of buildings.. Our Company's mission is to introduce to the international market the heritage of processing of Armenian natural stones by combining traditional ...

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One of the largest explored travertine reserves in the CIS countries is located in Armenia. There are quarries in the Ararat region, which are among the largest in the world, and where a high-quality stone with a significant degree of crystallization and, therefore, a high level of strength is mined.

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One of the world's largest travertine quarries, Ararat travertine quarry, is situated in Armenia. GLG ARMENIA runs two travertine quarries in the country, as well as carries out processing of end products, tiles and construction materials by using...

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As well as, Jordan, UAE, Greece, US, Macedonia, China, Hungary, Australia, Chile, and Poland. Also known as Black Marble, Travertine is quarried at the Idaho Travertine Quarry in Idaho Falls, ID. Founded in 1968, Idaho Travertine Corp. is the largest quarrier and fabricator of domestic travertine in the United States.

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Manana Stone Factory handles multiple types of travertine quarried in Armenia. Not counting the quarry travertine-onyx Ararat classic travertine are extracted from our own quarries. Quarry Goravan-1 provides factory with blocks, slabs and tiles of which have characteristic of comparative smoothness of color, porosity and tortuosity of the veins ...

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From Travertine Quarry to Travertine Tile In Your Home. Once the Travertine is removed from the quarry, it is either stored in a warehouse or taken to a mill or production facility where it is cut into slabs [similar to slicing up a loaf of bread]. At this point, specialized cutting equipment is used to cut the slabs down to as many sizes as ...

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Armenian Travertine Mining Company was founded in 2004 and is specialized in production of tiles made of natural stones. At present ATMC carries out travertine mining and tile manufacturing. The company aims to make an efficient use of natural resources, offer high quality products at competitive prices to its consumers.

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Manana Stone is a subdivision of Manana Grain LLC which has started it's business in 1994. We offer you a variety of production made from natural stone in the hope of a long and fruitful cooperation in the field of construction, design and processing of natural stone.

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InterStone Company was created to present various beautiful Armenian natural stones and the whole range of products made of these stones worldwide. Company has its own travertine quarry and processing plant in Armenia. We are able to produce modular tiles, slabs, architectural elements, landscape items and so on.