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† Membership includes SilverSneakers instructor-led group fitness classes. Some locations offer Members additional classes. Classes vary by location. ^ Tivity Health, Inc. and its affiliates do not employ, own or operate 3rd party service providers. Discounts vary per 3rd party provider.

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Professional Instruction Program for Companies & Municipalities . STIHL can help you get the most from your equipment and help your crews reduce the risk of injury from accidents. Our distributors can connect you to a network of experienced instructors to demonstrate the proper use of our equipment and keep you up-to-date on relevant equipment ...

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A fun, shallow-water exercise class that uses a signature splash-board to increase movement and intensity options. Splash is suitable for all skill levels and is safe for non-swimmers. The pool provides many benefits when used for aerobic exercise and resistance training.

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Try a safe and heart-healthy aerobics class to energize your active lifestyle using low-impact movements that focus specifically on building upper-body and core strength plus cardio endurance. This is a higher intensity class than Classic and Circuit.

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These are the types of Silver&Fit-approved fitness centers: Basic fitness centers: For exercise and training that protects your heart and increases your strength, look into the Silver&Fit basic fitness centers. Available equipment may include treadmills, elliptical machines, free weights, and more.

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Silver soldering "Hard soldering" or "silver soldering" is used to join precious and semi-precious metals such as gold, silver, brass, and copper. The solder is usually described as easy, medium, or hard in reference to its melting temperature, not the strength of the joint.

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Class 5 containers are typically used for storage of weapons and sensitive items such as funds, jewels, precious metals, etc. Class 5 containers may also be used for storage of classified documents, components, materials, and equipment. They provide the same protection as Class 6 plus ten minutes against forced entry attack.

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The Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is an industry taxonomy developed in 1999 by MSCI and Standard & Poor's (S&P) for use by the global financial community. The GICS structure consists of 11 sectors, 24 industry groups, 69 industries and 158 sub-industries into which S&P has categorized all major public companies.The system is similar to ICB (Industry Classification Benchmark ...

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Apr 10, 2018· Fires can be classified into a variety of categories depending on their cause and their fuel. Similarly, fire extinguishers are formulated to fight specific types of fires and often cannot be used interchangeably. Carefully following instructions as marked can help to prevent improper use.

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Nov 10, 2013· These Silver Sneakers Exercise Class videos are from Stefany Adinaro who is a Personal Fitness Trainer. There are two songs. The 1st is Twistin' The Night Away and the 2nd is …

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Chronic inhalation or ingestion of silver salts may cause argyria characterized by a permanent blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs. This malady results from the accumulation of silver in the body.

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Silver Splash offers lots of fun shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required, and a special Silver Sneakers kick board is used to develop strength, balance and coordination.

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Jun 02, 2017· This is a workout for seniors using the Silver Sneakers design model and incorporating Activities of Daily Living. Required equipment: hand held …