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Greek and Roman Mythology Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff Most of the Greek deities were adopted by the Romans, although in many cases there was a change of name.

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NOTE - The origin of the name Tantalus comes from Greek mythology. Tantalus was a Greek mythological figure most famous for his eternal punishment in Tartarus. He was made to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, with the fruit ever eluding his grasp and the water always receding before he could take a drink.

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Tantalus became an intimate and favorite of Zeus. The other gods, too, showed Tantalus extraordinary favor, inviting him to dine with them on Mount Olympus. But Tantalus proved himself unworthy of these honors. Tantalus committed several crimes against the gods.

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Greek Mythology is the set of stories about the gods, goddesses, heroes and rituals of Ancient Greeks. Greek Mythology was part of the religion in Ancient Greece. The most popular Greek Mythology figures include Greek Gods like Zeus, Poseidon & Apollo, Greek Goddesses like Aphrodite, Hera & Athena and Titans like Atlas. Get our iOS & Android Apps >

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Tantalus' crime of infanticide and cannibalism were some of the most horrendous considered in Ancient Greece, and so it was only fitting that Tantalus would be punished for all times in  Tartarus , the hell-pit of the Greek underworld The punishment of Tantalus was witnessed by Odysseus when the Greek hero descended into the realm of Hades.

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Tantalus is also depicted on Greek vases, among which an Apulian krater at Munich where is he dressed in theater clothes and holding a scepter in his hand. The punishment of Tantalus was a popular subject during the baroque period.

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Dec 01, 2016· Tantalus was the King of Phrygia, the ancient region at the western end of the Anatolian plateau. He was also the son of Zeus and the nymph Plouto, and was infamous, not for his rule of the kingdom, but for the extraordinary mistake he made and the consequences that followed. Simply put, he thought he could fool the gods.

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Who was Tantalus in Greek myth? Tantalus (TAN-ta-luss) was a Greek king (and a son of Zeus) who was so full of hubris that he thought he could fool the gods. (More about hubris)When Zeus invited Tantalus to come up on Mount Olympos and eat dinner with the gods, Tantalus plotted to steal the gods' special food (ambrosia and nectar) and give it to his friends back on earth!

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Tantalus in Greek mythology, a Lydian king, son of Zeus and father of Pelops. For his crimes (which included killing Pelops) he was punished by being provided with fruit and water which receded when he reached for them. His name is the origin of the word tantalize.

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Tantalus (tăn`tələs), in Greek mythology, king of Sipylos, son of Zeus and father of Pelops and Niobe.He was admitted to the society of the gods, but his abominable behavior aroused their anger, and Zeus condemned him to suffer eternally at Tartarus.

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The way in which Tantalus offended the gods differs from one version to the next; sometimes he was said to have merely shared their secrets with humans (almost always a big no-no in Greek mythology), and other times was said to have saced his own son, Pelops (also not strongly recommended, if you want to have a happy ending in a Greek myth).

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May 08, 2011· Can someone explain the story of tantalus for me? (& please don't get the information from like wikipedia) Also can anyone tell me another medium that tantalus has been in (a poem, song lyrics, speech, painting, photograph, novel or short story excerpt, advertisement, etc.). I mainly need help with this. Try to find tantalus in another medium, not like the story was retold, but the story of ...

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Ixion is the fiendishly wicked king of the Lapiths from Greek mythology.In an attempted seduction of Hera, he was tricked by Zeus into making love to a cloud instead, from which was born Centaurus, the founder of the race of centaurs. Ixion's eternal punishment for his audacity and complete disrespect for both humanity and the gods was to be tied to an ever-spinning wheel of fire in Hades.

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Tantalus was a mythological king from Greek mythology and was once said to be a blessed individual who sealed his own fate due to his evil deeds. Tantalus was initially known for having been welcomed to Zeus' table in Olympus, like Ixion. There he is said to have misbehaved and stolen ambrosia...