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Polonium tetrachloride (also known as polonium(IV) chloride) is a chemical compound with the formula Po Cl 4.It is a hygroscopic bright yellow crystalline solid at room temperature. Above 200 °C, it tends to decompose into polonium dichloride and excess chlorine, similar to selenium tetrachloride and tellurium tetrachloride.

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It should be stored in a cool, dry and sealed place. Tellurium tetrachloride has proven of occasional interest in organic synthesis. As is the case for other tellurium compounds, this chemical is toxic. It also releases HCl upon hydrolysis.

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This article is cited by 35 publications. Holger Fleischer,, Bernd Mathiasch, and, Dieter Schollmeyer. Adducts of Tellurium Tetrachloride with Allyl Alcohol and Allyl Acetate: 1,2- vs 1,3-Addition and Structure and Dynamics of Te···O Interactions in Different Phases.

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To the best of our knowledge the chemical, physical and toxicological properties of tellurium oxide have not been thoroughly investigated and recorded. Elemental tellurium has relatively low toxicity. It is converted in the body to dimethyl telluride which imparts a garlic-like odor to the breath and sweat.

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Tellurium dioxide possesses definite basic tendencies, the tellurium being capable of acting as a quadrivalent atom and the group TeO, telluryl, as a bivalent basic radical. When heated in a current of dry hydrogen chloride or with solid ammonium chloride, tellurium dioxide forms the tetrachloride.

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Tellurium tetrachloride is a white crystalline inorganic compound that is very deliquescent with white to light yellow or light gray in the air. Insoluble in carbon disulfide, soluble in water, hydrochloric acid, benzene, ethanol, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, in water decomposition of tellurium dioxide and hydrochloric acid. Applications:

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Tellurium tetrafluoride can be prepared by the following reaction: TeO 2 + 2SF 4 → TeF 4 + 2SOF 2. It is also prepared by reacting nitryl fluoride with tellurium or from the elements at 0 °C or by reacting selenium tetrafluoride with tellurium dioxide at 80 °C. Fluorine in nitrogen can react with TeCl 2 or TeBr 2 …

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Tellurium tetrafluoride, TeF 4, is a stable, white, hygroscopic crystalline solid and is one of two fluorides of tellurium.The other binary fluoride is tellurium hexafluoride. The widely reported Te 2 F 10 has been shown to be F 5 TeOTeF 5 There are other tellurium compounds that contain fluorine, but only the two mentioned contain solely tellurium and fluorine.

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Apr 07, 2008· Of the many inorganic tellurium reagents employed to introduce tellurium in organic substrates, such as elemental tellurium, alkali tellurides and ditellurides, hydrogen telluride and tellurium dioxide, tellurium tetrachloride deserves a special role.