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General Mills' purchase of the company was substantial because it brought production costs down and tripled the revenue. General Mills came out with their "Monster Cereals" in the 1970s. The cereals are now produced and sold seasonally around Halloween.

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The General Mills natural and organic brands grew. By 2016, under CEO Ken Powell, General Mills had eight natural and organic lines, including Annie's, Cascadian Farm, Food Should Taste Good, Immaculate Baking, Lärabar, Liberté, Mountain High and Muir Glen. General Mills had become the third-largest U.S. maker of natural and organic food.

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Sep 21, 2019· General Mills purchased Small Planet Foods in 2000. Small Planet's product line includes Cascadian Farm, an organic food producer with more than 75 products, including cereals, granola bars, and ...

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Well known for their breakfast cereals, General Mills also markets several food brands more associated with lunch and dinner including Betty Crocker, Yoplait, Totinos, Jenos, Pillsbury, Old El Paso and Green Giant. Cereal Spotlight: Total: Brown Sugar & Oat Cereal. Introduced in 1999.

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General Mills has been making cereal since the 1920s. And while our original cereal brands – Wheaties and Kix – are still going strong, on this 2014 National Cereal Day, we are paying tribute to some dearly departed cereals that didn't stick around.

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Gremlins Cereal. Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs Halfsies Halloween Crunch Hidden Treasures Hi-Pro Home Run Crunch Homer's Cinnamon Donut Cereal Honey Graham Chex Hunny B's Ice Cream Cones. Indiana Jones. Jack'O'Lantern Apple Jacks Jets Jurassic Park Lost World Crunch Kaboom Kenmei Rice Bran Cereal Klondike Pete's Crunchy Nuggets KOMBOs

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"As a General Mills cereal built around nutrition, helping pollinators get the key nutrition they need through fun, family-friendly activities like planting wildflowers is a natural fit," said Susanne Prucha, director of marketing for Cheerios. "Our commitment to increasing the habitat for pollinators is one way we are continuously ...

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We also offer more than 15 gluten-free cereal options. During the 2016 back-to-school season, cereal lovers bought nearly 104 million pounds of gluten-free cereals from General Mills. It's not only nourishment that we provide at the breakfast table.

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Learn about some of the top cereals sold by U.S. based General Mills, including Cheerios, Kix, Lucky Charms and Monsters.

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General Mills (NYSE: GIS) is taking the U.S. cereal market's improvement from declines to flat as a seize-the-day -- or seize-the-bowl -- moment. At the Consumer Analyst Group of New York investor gathering on Feb. 18, General Mills CEO Jeff Harmening said the company's strategy to drive cereal growth involves innovation that results in taste, convenience, and health.